• Setting: Interior, military research facility.
  • Style: 3D steampunkesque, 1800s, parallel Europe.
  • Gameplay: Main character is disabled (bilateral amputee) and has to progress through a series of large, interconnected, octagonal rooms. Using cunning strategies and adapting found mechanical devices to defeat enemies and environments. After proscribed starter level, further rooms are procedurally generated with increasing levels of difficulty, so that no two play throughs are the same. Moments of action are interspersed with an unfolding narrative as Lily finds clues to her family’s involvement in the war.
  • Narrative: The gameplay is set against a background of conflict between two great nations [Blighty and Kromania]. As the two nations move closer to war, mistrust is high with defections and rumours of double agents. Lily’s own uncle Horatio is implicated when he disappears suddenly. Lily herself is abducted and may finally uncover the truth.
  • Tools: Unity 3D, Maya, mostly.

The idea to have a disabled character derives from a local Oxfordshire Charity that my 12 year old son and his friends did some fundraising for.

The charity is called Special Effect ; they adapt games controllers so that people with disabilities can use consoles and computers.
One might assume that people with physical disabilities would at least have no barriers in the digital world. However, a final stumbling block can be the physical interface: games controllers, keyboards, mice.
Special Effect overcome this barrier by adapting controllers. This is very labour intensive and costly as each case is unique so it involves repeated visits to clients all over the country, physiotherapist consultations and creating bespoke solutions.
It is no exaggeration to say they are changing lives. Please support Special Effect .

My son and friends were invited to visit Special Effect by their communications officer Mark Savile. The visit had a profound effect on the kids as they tried to play games they know well, using chin-controllers and the eye-gaze technology pioneered by Special Effect.
Appreciating how difficult, something that is a huge part of their lives, could be for others. The trip led to interesting conversations between my son and I.
My son always liked Joker the pilot character in Mass Effect who is disabled, but also the most irreverent in a world full of po-faced space heroes.
We felt it was time for a disabled character to be ‘The main’ character.

Introducing Lily.

Well cursory sketch.

Fleshed out story a bit more.
Started some rough sketches.

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