Getting equipped


Created Paper Doll system.
Redesigned Object Script.
Slightly behind schedule but not much.
Created Paper Doll:
I have created the ‘paper doll’ character profile panel, so the player can equip items to change the stats of the character.
This is really the last structural element needed before I start building a demo level. So it is a good milestone to hit.

Revised ObjectScript:
I use one script to attach to any type of interactive object. This is to keep scope of the scripts under control but may not be the most efficient solution.
Now that I am adding more categories of of object, ie clothing which will have its own subset of stats, it may be better to use dedicated scripts for each object type; but for now I  overhauled and streamlined the current ObjectScript. One main change is to have a checkbox system in Unity’s inspector so that there is no need to type in category variables. This will mean a tiny bit more processing for the script, but a lot easier and less error prone for building levels.
I haven’t really build any tools for level-building either yet, I expect I will when creating the first level.

So with life being how it has been lately I am not really upset with my progress which is a couple of months behind schedule.
I have not hit what I thought was a generous deadline for having a first level done; however I have all structural items in place for a demo level, and feel okay to just crack on as I have been doing..
I have hit a few bottle necks with code, especially the inventory + paperdoll system which need to provide a smooth experience.
I really wanted to get these nailed down before moving on to more fun stuff and had to rewrite them a couple of different ways.
There are some definite bugs, but nothing that impedes general gameplay.
I have most of the structural elements of the game in place:
Character control

Now to see if they all work together as a game.

Next Step:  Flesh out a demo level + see if game is fun/interesting.

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