A spoon full of sugar.


Did more work on the narrative system.
Improved damage + healing system.

No time to make a video, quick progress report:

Had to grapple a bit with my Narrative and archiving system, called ‘Scrapbook‘, which gets populated with information as you discover characters, correspondence and newspaper articles, found scattered throughout the facility. Re-written to accommodate some new ideas. Still clunkier than I would like, but mostly working for now.

Initially there was one type of damage and simple HP. Now accommodates different types of damage; so that different objects mitigate different types of damage. For example, a gas mask can cancel out poison gas, but won’t stop electrical damage etc. Creating more strategic decisions for the player.

Finally implemented a healing system; bandages for a slow partial healing, injection boost for quick healz and a ‘healing station’ which tops you up, if you drive though it, potentially useful for boss fights. Healing was easy to implement in a few minutes using my modular ObjectScript.

Allegiance. I am thinking of adding some kind of loyalty system, favouring Blighty, Kromania or neutrality for different characters.
I had added a flag to the scrapbook showing which nation they belonged to, but as there will be some doubt as to where loyalties of different characters lie, I may evolve this into some kind of gameplay element. Just a thought to add to the Big List.

Next Step:  Make the ‘Paper Doll’. ie the system for equipping apparel and items, which will add stats to the player.The final infrastructure needed before I can start laying out a demo level! 

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