When I was your age, television was called books.


Made narrative system to display story text,
Made hint system.

Alongside the action, Fiendish Devices is a narrative game, an epistolary journey of discovery through newspapers, letters and voice recordings.
You will learn about the machinations of the upcoming war and be introduced to characters who don’t actually appear in game.
The mystery of the main character’s situation will be pieced together.
Ideally I will bring those story characters to life in a sequel, if the first game finds an audience.

So recently I have been building the boring, but necessary, structures to handle retrieving and displaying text. I have implemented a library/scrapbook system so that story elements and characters that have been discovered can be re-read later in the journey.

Building the Text UI components means I have also started to work on a Hint/Help system.
These will be delivered by a ‘companion’ character ‘Matron Nosebest’, that helps guide the player through the facility. Having a companion character such as the comic AI Wheatley in Portal 2 or the levitating ‘Ghost’ AI’s in Destiny can really glue a game together especially solo games giving the character a foil. The NPC could be spun off for a co-op play character in future versions.
The story is quite evolved already, but I will be skimping on details until the game is released.

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