The final piece of the jigsaw…


Made enemies Lootable.
Started adding puzzles.

Okay .. not the final piece of the jigsaw, perhaps the ‘next’ piece of the jigsaw (but that isn’t a handy expressio).
Five main gameplay elements required, before we have a playable first level:
1) Puzzles –  unlock items needed for progress.
2) Narrative – the story – embedded in a quest system.
3) Loading/settings/save system – the wrapper for the game.
4) Help system, including hints for stuck players.
5) Paper doll – the mechanism for the character to wear and upgrading apparel and devices.

Plan was to get these working by the end of the year, then start the new year with a serious art/design sprint as the look of a game is critical in garnering interest.
It is nearing the end of December and juggling the added time off from work with subtracted family holiday time I am trying to scramble to get at least all the basic code for these things in place on schedule.

Coded some starter puzzles, these are simple but will be used to structure the whole progression mechanic.
Next step adding the text systems to deliver the narrative and help/hints.

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