No time to make video this week, here’s a gif.


Started to use HacknPlan.
Rewrote Enemy AI

As you can see there is a new bad boy in the game: poisonous gas sentrybot.
To remind you, models are simple placeholders for now while get a working level coded.
Especially the main character is intended to be older, mid-teens, attired in more victorian garb, in keeping with the Steampunk vibe.
I am dying to get working on the artwork, but stopping myself until I have a *working* level.

Started using HacknPlan, the ‘Trello for gamedev’ which I heard about at the Develop Brighton conference. I used Trello when developing Aura Alert, and like this kind of kanban system to track progress. It’s a good place to dump ideas quickly as they occur and later factor them into milestones.
So far, I find Hacknplan logical and well-tailored for game work. It has a lot production tracking features, useful for teams, which I expect will come into their own if other people join the project.

Have re-written the enemy AI. Previously it was quite basic, triggering a sphere collider around an enemy to wake it up. It is now written with more fuzzy logic, with enemies reacting to threat levels. Threat is increased the nearer the player goes to an enemy, but could also be increased by the player making loud noises or decreased by the player being in shadows etc. This gives a lot more granularity to enemy behaviour. I expect I may also add a ‘Line of Sight’ component, giving the player more sneaking options.

A short update as I am ‘under the cosh’ as we say in dear old Blighty, with no time to make a video, but wanted to punt something out for my viewers, both of you!
Endeavour to get a video update done soon.

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