Build it and they will come

2 mins 15 seconds watch.


More varied enemies – Turrets and Bots.
Started building demo level.

Glanced at my so-called “schedule”.  I am doing things in a different order now, but progress towards a playable Alpha level by February I think is on track.

Narrative and design ideas still linger in the wings whilst my focus is on completing a basic playable level to garner feedback.
As a creator it is easy to live in a bubble, up an ivory tower, wrapped in cotton wool, inside an even bigger shimmering bubble; so I need to validate the main gameplay before pouring months into detail.

Narrative will be a core element of the game, not yet integrated as I am focus on a level that people can jump into at an exhibition booth to get the feel of the game without needing to go through preamble /scene-setting.

Physical gameplay will  be interspersed with puzzles and I have to determine where the game will lie on a scale from Fiction to Action. I will work on a couple of simple puzzles for the starter level and see how it feels.
I have decided to implement the use of ‘Universal Power Cores’ (UPCs )as a type of currency, they will be able to be used for opening doors as well as  crafting devices ; as well as being found in creates, they will now be lootable from defeated enemies and also obtained by solving puzzles. Power Cores from bosses will have superior stats to create more powerful devices etc. So I will probably have a kind of rarity rating.
Having this type of currency will enable users to progress using different playstyles, for example a door may be opened by 4 standard or 1 rare UPC, these can be obtained by exploring, solving puzzles or defeating bosses. Achieving balance in systems like this is one of the most fascinating elements of devising a game IMAO.

This first level will function as a self-contained ‘tutorial level’, so I will need a ‘help/hint’ system.

I may make this a web-player or downloadable PC/Mac version for invited people to test,  if you would like to be notified please Join the list.

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