The tortoise and the hare…

2 mins video.

In game studios, with specific roles: developer, animator, writer, 2D/3D artist, these jobs can be going on concurrently. However as a team of one (for now) I have to work out how best to do all of these myself. The main problem for me is ‘headspace’, ie I can’t just code for an hour then switch to writing, modelling, animating. All of these jobs require a few days sustained focus to make headway. How the hell did we manage Maths, English, French, Physics..eight + subjects every day at school? Young agile minds I guess; for me those days are gone. So to use the ‘Scrum’ term I have decided to do weekly ‘Sprints’ for each subject. For example:

  • 2 weeks coding
  • 1 week art + story
  • 1 week production/marketing.

Knowing that I don’t have to keep an eye on everything every day already feels liberating and productive. It pains me to think that coding has to be paused for jobs like marketing; but to make this a sustainable activity I need to be realistic about production. Returning to an area after a break should help me see problems with fresh eyes, instead of trying to brute-force them

After a couple of weeks coding I am happy to say I have implemented the main mechanics for the game. Fiendish Devices is, at a very basic level a playable game.(craft devices, defeat enemies, move to the next room)  The next sprint will be getting back to the story and artwork.



Basic AI, if the player gets close, enemies become aware, if the player stays near them for too long, they will chase and fire projectiles damaging the player. Firing is clumsy, but if they hit they do rock the player in a satisfying way.

Crafting System

The player can make devices by combining scattered, found components. The player can pick up and move objects in the 3D world as well as just storing in inventory, although this is a bit buggy and sometimes when two rigid-body objects touch one of them fires into the distance with some kind of physics simulation, which is fun, but annoying if you need that component.
Short video here:


Enemies Created + basic AI + damage
Door Mechanism
Crafting system
Improved inventory and handling of objects

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