And so it begins…

Laying the foundations in the game engine, I have made:

Character controller :

Since the main character has no legs she will use various methods of transport, so I made a vehicle controller. Most game characters use controllers that don’t simulate real physics, giving more precise control, ie a character can stop running immediately and turn on a dime and do precise jumps etc. unlike real humans. However, I have made a physics-simulation based controller, just because the movement feels good.
It does sometimes behave weirdly and will need tweaking to get right. But I like the way it reacts, to me it is fun to drive; even when it acts unpredictably. I will have to see if players find it annoying.
The controller is one script (C#) , plus another short script to lessen the chance of it tipping over by applying force downwards if a wheel comes off the ground. Sometimes it tips over, sometimes it rights itself in ridiculous fashion.


Unity comes with a standard camera and ‘mouse look’ controllers, but the don’t behave how I like. A long time ago I wrote a camera controller based on the ‘Wow’ camera, ie you can right-click to look around and it follows the character nicely, paying attention to walls and obstacles. Unfortunately that was written in javascript, so I need to convert it to C# and deal with whatever code changes have happened in Unity since then.


I have started coding the UI so that the character can interact with objects. Main interactions will be:
Inspect, to bring up details on the object in an inspector window.
Use, which can be done without needing to inspect, ie use a door handle.
Take, which leads me into building an inventory.


– Inventories will start with her 4 pockets and increase to perhaps 16 or 32 slots in storage on her vehicle. I may build the ability to combine objects within the inventory or use some kind of workbench to create ‘devices’ it depends on how the ‘crafting’ part of the game goes. It’s a mess of ideas at the moment. For now I need to enable her to carry some objects around and deploy them elsewhere.


It was getting annoying restarting every time the wheelchair fell over, and she couldn’t move. So now if she tips, her health depletes and she respawns, which is the start of the health system.

2min video:STATE OF PLAY:

In Unity made:
Started UI
Set up YouTube Channel:
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