Waking in a strange military complex, Lily has joined the ranks of the ‘disappeared’.
In the shadows a crate with the familiar branding of her uncle’s company.
Could the whispers be true, is her family in collusion with the Enemy?


Blessed with a keen strategic mind, Lily uses the contents of mysterious crates scattered throughout the facility to craft devices to outwit security devices and solve the fiendish puzzles to progress through the vast underground complex.
Fast-paced physical action alternates with strategic puzzle -solving, construction and trap laying as Lily faces increasingly deadly challenges.


Tensions between Blighty and Kromania are growing. Are the ‘disappeared’ abducted or defecting? Commodore Pascal Fiendish, the best pilot in the fleet; gone! along with Bligthy’s most advanced dirigible flagship. Horatio Fiendish disappears soon after, with most of his personal laboratory equipment. Has one of Loxford’s most lauded families gone over to the other side?
Lily’s own abduction forces her to confront the rumours. Throughout the rooms she uncovers clues to her family’s involvement in the coming war and is determined to follow the trail wherever it leads. She will know the truth, if she can survive long enough. Her Kromanian captors will not take her spirit… as they took away her legs.